About Us

Our organization is hailed as foremost manufacturer of Yellow sticky trap, Blue sticky trap, Mix sticky trap, Delta trap, Funnel trap, Melon fly trap, Solar insect killer and more .

Malhar Agro Product Company was founded by Mr.Vikas Nivrutti Wagh and is considered as one of the fastest emerging manufacturer of Yellow sticky trap, Blue sticky trap, Mix sticky trap, Delta trap, Funnel trap, Melon fly trap, Solar insect killer and more . across the globe. We ensure quality & commitment with respect to packaging, delivery and quality of the products. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in this field, we aspire to lead this market ensuring consistent supply of quality produce for our customers.

COMPANY MISSION:  “To Provide World class Quality, Agricultural Ingredients to our Customers keeping inline Commitments with regards to Quality Incumbency, well-timed Shipments and a Transparent Business Approach. In doing so, Believing that Every Move, We deliver Value and trust to Our Stake Holders both internal and external.

Why Us?

We are into manufacturing of Insect trapping system which are a part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. We focus to promote sustainable agriculture through IPM in the fields of Agriculture and Horticulture. Our Products not only helps in timely detection of pest infestation and monitoring of pest problem but also provides estimates regarding pest population density in the cultivated area. We aim to encourage growers to protect their crops by practicing environmentally friendly methods rather than relying only on harmful pesticides which affects the crops and causes damage to the environment. We dream to be a part of GO GREEN slogan  in preserving our nature for our future generations.

Quality Assurance

Our firm commitment to quality has enabled us meet the expectations of the clients in the most optimal way. We consistently strive to comprehend higher standards of quality throughout our entire product entity. To encompass quality in each stage of offering right from product to our services, we predominantly insist on employing up-to-snuff technologies and fair business ethics. Our quality striving practices gives us a vertical stand over others.

Our Infrastructure

We have built a sophisticated and architecturally designed infrastructure that has all new machines installed and with all latest amenities. With our manpower and contempo machines, we are in geology of completing the assignments given by our clients much before the ultimatum. Latest technological arbitration in our physical framework has boosted our economy by manifolds. Our infrastructure is uniquely built to meet the requirements of the market in most honored and suitable manner.

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